Our Process
What makes our product different?
In our indoor farm, all the vegetables are grown hydroponically in vertical towers. Growing indoors means that we do not experience the same levels of pests as in conventional farming, thus we can go 100% pesticide free. In the growing process, the vegetables are grown according to the each crop recipe which makes them so flavourful that you will not require any salad dressing. Before they reach you, the vegetables are harvested with care by our experienced urban farmers to ensure that you get the freshest veggies direct from the farm in Singapore. Apart from being more nutritionally dense than our imported counterparts, our vegetables have a longer shelf-life for you to enjoy.
Why pick our salads?


Harvested daily by our experienced
urban farmers.


Enhancing your salad greens with natural flavours without the need for
salad dressing.


Grown without pesticides,
GMO and preservatives.