Influencer Reviews

Sherilyn Chua


I like how it’s super crunchy and succulent as the description suggests – that hint of saltiness also adds dimension to my salad bowl too! Extremely refreshing; big love to the Ice Plant!

Sylvia Sia


They are very fresh and super crunchy! Never in my life have such crunchy fresh vegetables salad! This probably the greens that is acceptable for me. I added salmon sashimi and sauce for the salad. It’s just perfect! 

Apple Ng


I’m a big fan of these fresh salad veggies from @justproducesg , not only because they taste good but also because I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals while enjoying them. They are grown without pesticides, preservatives or any genetic modification, with their freshness maximised and nutritional levels well retained. I love how I can taste their natural flavors and goodness in every crunch.



Even after a day or two, the veggies were still extremely crispy, I ate them on its own with no dressing or anything needed. Plastic boxes were washed and reused for storage of anything that needs to be go into the fridge – they’re super sturdy and not like those flimsy, thin ones that we usually get at supermarkets. I’d bet I can use them to house stuff if I were to go to the wet market to buy stuff!