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Just Produce was started back in 2020 as a fresh produce brand aspiring to provide all with equitable access to healthy living. Our simple naming convention playing on the word, “Just” is testament to our commitment of providing you with fresh produce without any pesticides, GMO and harmful additives.

Since inception till now, we’ve managed to upscale production to account for 1% of leafy vegetables grown in Singapore. Everyone deserves fresh produce regardless of any demographic factors (age, gender, socioeconomic status). With Justice Project we give back to the community through different initiatives.

Safe and

No pesticides, preservatives or GMO. 

Our 100% local selection of salads 

and vegetables is guaranteed to 

satisfy your taste buds.

Our Statistics
Stores all over Singapore
Packs of Vegetables Sold
1 %
pesticide free and non-gmo

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